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If you use the most simple words to express the history of home appliances in China, probably no more than "cut prices, falling prices cut the price" was more appropriate. But now the home appliance industry, it seems no longer "drop" does not go on. In particular, the 2004 Energy and raw materials prices, promotional price reductions have been irrational and "suicide" is no different. A dead end for the new direction of what?

Perhaps, from the air conditioning in 2004, "Shuffle on", we can get some useful lessons. According to the State Information Center statistics show that in 2004 the brand out of the domestic air conditioner market rate of more than 60% The reason is the price war caused by the rapid decline in corporate profits. However, price cuts are "self-destructive", another phenomenon worthy of attention, which is based on "frequency", "energy conservation", "green", "health" as the sudden emergence of the brand promotion points, occupy the market, sales and corporate profits list the forefront, no doubt proclaimed "price reductions" of bankruptcy. To Aucma example, the baptism in the market in 2004, the market growth rate did not fall but rose steadily, becoming standard business operations, profitability growing, more robust pace of development, significantly raise brand awareness, and to enter the Chinese air conditioning industry the top 10.

In fact, when the price war following the breakdown of the value of war to find a way out from the manufacturers no shortage. But the value of war in the end mean?

General Sales Manager of Siemens home appliances in China Wu Division said: From January 2005, Siemens home appliances across the board price increase of 3% -5%. He said: "If the quality loss cost as a price war, the future of home appliance industry will vanish into thin air." Here the quality is undoubtedly point to product value. As Aucma Wall, cabinet air conditioners were the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the year 2004-2007, the honorary title of national inspection-free products, the air-conditioned laboratory accreditation pass CNAL, these efforts to allow the higher quality approach all is to enhance product value.

Similarly, Galanz
Group Executive President Liang Zhaoxian also recently declared a price war in 2005 Galanz return value from the war. He put forward a winning proposal technology, and introduced the first "one key" new wave stove. Consumer demand for similar products from there Aucma wooden air conditioning. In this regard, Nankai University, Professor Dr. Bai Changhong said marketing management: the pursuit of business value to customers and the combination of characteristics features of thorough research and design and deliver products accordingly the strategy, which is called the value of marketing. Shows the value of not only the quality of the product itself, but also for consumers "value for money." "Value", that is all it? In fact, the enterprise value to the community, this is a global trend, with "wealth" and "Forbes" This business magazine ranking of the companies when they added social responsibility standards, the United Nations is to promote corporate social responsibility for an important institution. This is all reflect the ultimate goal of business is to have some social value. Such a sense of responsibility, already a profound manifestation of corporate culture. But with the price war about it? If we trace the source of the price war will find, the domestic price war used to make household electrical appliance enterprises, most without a solid foundation of corporate culture, which is the key to their hard Zhiyuan.
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Analysis: China's Home Appliance Market Value Of The War In The End Mean Sha - Chinese Home

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Analysis: China's Home Appliance Market Value Of The War In The End Mean Sha - Chinese Home

This article was published on 2011/01/21